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by Max Ponty

A sharp, striking motorcycle ad that shows its viewers the sheer coolness of the make.

Ponty's known designs are few, but more than suffice to establish him as a foremost Art Deco posterist. Here he turns his angular attention to Automoto motorcycles, creating a futuristic photomontage dreamscape for the French firm that produced their machines from 1901 through 1962. Contrasting the curvy sensuality of the photographed bike against the angular overlord face, the open road reflected in his goggles and the entire scene drenched in graded shades of moody violet, Ponty creates a cyclic fantasia, capturing both the thrill, speed and inherent danger of the ride without ever placing the bike in simulated motion.

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24"x36" (61cm x 92cm) Paper $119.99 ......
32"x44" (81cm x 112cm) Paper $99.99 ......
44"x60" (112cm x153cm) Paper $159.99 ......
18"x24" Stretched Canvas $124.99 ......

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